The Shaw Prize Award Presentation Ceremony 2015

The Shaw Prize Award Presentation Ceremony 2015 will take place in Hong Kong on Wednesday, 24 September 2015. The Honourable C Y Leung, Chief Executive of the HKSAR, People’s Republic of China has kindly consented to officiate at the ceremony.
The Shaw Laureates for 2015 had been announced earlier. Details of the Shaw Laureates are as follows:

The Shaw Prize in Astronomy is awarded to
William J Borucki
      Principal Investigator for the Kepler Mission, Ames Research Center, NASA, USA
or his conceiving and leading the Kepler Mission, which greatly advanced knowledge of both extrasolar planetary systems and stellar interiors.

The Shaw Prize in Life Science and Medicine is awarded in equal shares to
Bonnie L Bassler
   Squibb Professor and Chair, Department of Molecular Biology, Princeton University and Investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, USA and

E Peter Greenberg
      Professor of Microbiology, University of Washington, USA
for elucidating the molecular mechanism of quorum sensing, a process whereby bacteria communicate with each other and which offers innovative ways to interfere with bacterial pathogens or to modulate the microbiome for health applications.

The Shaw Prize in Mathematical Sciences is awarded in equal shares to
Gerd Faltings
      Managing Director, Max Planck Institute for Mathematics, Germany and

Henryk Iwaniec
      New Jersey Professor of Mathematics, Rutgers University, USA

for their introduction and development of fundamental tools in number theory, allowing them as well as others to resolve some longstanding classical problems.
An approximate 5-minute segment will be uplinked via satellite transmission at Hong Kong time 2230-2300 (GMT 1430-1500). Photos of the ceremony will also be uploaded onto the website from Hong Kong time 2230 (GMT 1430) from 24 September 2015 onwards.

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