The Shaw Prize Foundation will hold a press conference on Monday, 14 May 2018 at Hong Kong time 1500 (GMT 0700) at Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel, Hong Kong to announce the Shaw Laureates for 2018.
The information about the Laureates will also be posted on our website at Hong Kong time 1530 (GMT 0730) on that date. Highlights of the press conference will be released worldwide via satellite between Hong Kong time 1930 − 2000 (GMT 1130 − 1200).
The Shaw Laureates 2018 will receive their Awards in Hong Kong at the ceremonial prize-giving on Wednesday, 26 September 2018. The Shaw Prize, which was launched in November 2002, consists of three annual prizes: Astronomy, Life Science and Medicine, and Mathematical Sciences. Each prize carries a monetary award of US$1.2 million.
Established under the auspices of Mr Run Run Shaw, the Prize honours individuals, regardless of race, nationality, gender and religious belief, who have achieved significant breakthroughs in academic and scientific research or applications and whose work has resulted in a positive and profound impact on mankind.
The Shaw Prize is an international award managed and administered by The Shaw Prize Foundation based in Hong Kong. Mr Shaw also founded The Shaw Foundation Hong Kong and The Sir Run Run Shaw Charitable Trust, both dedicated to the promotion of education, scientific and technological research, medical and welfare services, and culture and the arts.


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30 April 2018

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