The Shaw Prize Award Presentation Ceremony 2010

The Shaw Prize Award Presentation Ceremony 2010 will take place in Hong Kong on Tuesday,   28 September 2010. The Honourable Donald Tsang, Chief Executive of the HKSAR, People’s Republic of China has kindly consented to officiate at the ceremony.
The Shaw Laureates for 2010 had been announced earlier. Details of the Shaw Laureates are as follows:
The Shaw Prize in Astronomy – awarded in equal shares to Professor Charles L Bennett, Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Johns Hopkins University, USA, Professor Lyman A Page Jr, Henry DeWolf Smyth Professor of Physics, Princeton University, USA and Professor David N Spergel, Charles A Young Professor of Astronomy and Chair, Department of Astrophysical Sciences, Princeton University, USA for their leadership of the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) experiment, which has enabled precise determinations of the fundamental cosmological parameters, including the geometry, age and composition of the universe.
The Shaw Prize in Life Science and Medicine  – awarded to Professor David Julius, Professor and Chair, Department of Physiology, University of California, San Francisco, USA for his seminal discoveries of molecular mechanisms by which the skin senses painful stimuli and temperature and produces pain hypersensitivity.
 The Shaw Prize in Mathematical Sciences – awarded to Professor Jean Bourgain, Professor of Mathematics, Institute for Advanced Study, USA for his profound work in mathematical analysis and its application to partial differential equations, mathematical physics, combinatorics, number theory, ergodic theory and theoretical computer science.
A 5-minute segment will be uplinked via satellite transmission at Hong Kong time 2230 – 2300 (GMT 1430-1500). Photos of the ceremony will also be uploaded onto the website at Hong Kong time 2230 (GMT 1430) from 28 September 2010 onwards.

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7 September 2010